Feasibility Study

You worked hard to own our own home. Now make it work for you.

Our backyard home pros will:

Personally come to your home and analyze your backyard or the garage that you want to convert.

Filter your property through our proprietary research checklist so that we can create a realistic budget of all the costs involved with your project and uncover any “hidden” problem areas before they can arise.

Provide you with three custom-designed recommendations and build options to make sure that your backyard home is the way you imagined it would be and show you how to effectively finance it.

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When you do this right:

  • You’ll feel the confidence and certainty of knowing how much your project will cost, how to best finance it and what you can legally build on your property.
  • Any risks of running out of money are RADICALLY reduced.
  • You’ll have a few professionally-made build options designed for you & your home.

before committing to a backyard home project. 

It’s a great way to get to know and work with us before hiring us this time around to complete your design, get you permit-ready and build your dream backyard home. 

Ready to see what the possibilities are?